Fontainebleau Oak #1

Fountainebleau Oak #1

Located in Fontainbleau State Park off state highway 190 near Mandeville. The state park was once the site of a sugarcane plantation and sugar mill owned by Bernard de Marigny de Mandeville. This old leaning oak is approximately 24’ in circumference and grows alongside an alley of oaks that runs from the ruins of the old sugar mill to the bank of Lake Pontchartrain. The wealthy Marginy named his sugar plantation “Fontainebleau” after a beautiful forest near Paris, France. He also owned a plantation downriver from the French Quarter, that became the Faubourg Marigny. In early 2011 when I last photographed this oak, it was home to a newly born pair of great horned owls.

Fontainebleau Oak #1


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