Andrew Oak, Oak Alley Plantation

Andrew oak, afternoon light, Oak Alley Plantation

The Andrew oak is one of the most distinctively shaped trees in the 350-plus year-old alley of oaks at Oak Alley Plantation. It is the #6 tree in the east row counting from the plantation home’s front porch. Its trunk has several large burls that create odd profiles when viewed from different angles. Its girth is approximately 28’ 5”.

The oak is named after Andrew Stewart, who with his wife Josephine were the last individuals to own the plantation and who undertook its adaptive restoration in 1925. Before Jospehine’s death, 26 years after Andrew, Mrs. Stewart established the Oak Alley Foundation to preserve and protect the plantation home and its alley of historic oaks. The Foundation still manages the care of the alley, the plantation home and the property on which they’re located. Zeb Mayhew, grandnephew of the Stewarts, is administrative director of Oak Alley.

Andrew oak, study #11

The plantation, located 3-4 miles upriver from Vacherie, Louisiana, was originally named Bon Sejour by Jacques Telesphore Roman’s wife. Roman was the French planter who built the home on land that was purchased from his brother-in-law and neighbor, Valcour Aime, who at the time was one of the wealthiest men in the South.

The trees at Oak Alley are probably the most photographed group of oaks in the world.


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